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Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments

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Student Watershed Watch

The Student Watershed Watch (SWW) brings our young people out to area waterways in northwest Ohio every year for sampling, studying, and reporting. Their hands-on analysis of water quality generates an appreciation for our natural resources and fosters the next generation of water stewards.

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The Big Picture

Your Source for news in northwest Ohio & southeast Michigan | October 2021 Edition

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Due to the spread of COVID-19, TLCHD urges everyone to mask indoors and in crowded areas, regardless of their vaccination history. TMACOG encourages everyone to wear a mask when visiting our office. More information


Who We Are. What We Do.


TMACOG and its partners are protecting our greatest natural resource every day. We plan for water supply and wastewater treatment in a five-county area adjacent to the western Lake Erie basin. We look at natural watersheds for the best ways to protect surface water. We work with farmers to keep land productive while keeping excess nutrients out of rivers and lakes. We help governments manage stormwater and municipal treatment facilities. And we help teachers build stewardship in the next generation.


A well-designed transportation system serves the entire community in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. We need it all to work together: highways and railroads, airports and city streets, bike paths and pipelines. TMACOG planners look at connections between modes, address safety issues, consider commuters, bus riders, people who use wheelchairs, semi truck drivers, and bicyclists.

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All TMACOG meetings and events will now be held in person unless noted otherwise. If it is a virtual meeting, the registration/login information will be posted on the events calendar at

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The vision: TMACOG will be the governmental partner of choice to coordinate regional assets, opportunities, and challenges.

TMACOG is a voluntary organization of dues-paying members. Members include governmental and non-governmental organizations in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan: cities, counties, villages and townships, as well as schools and colleges, park districts, businesses and other groups concerned with quality of life in the region.

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